The Investigative Process

When you assign your investigation to RHR & Associates, Inc. we serve you as an impartial, fact-finding, third party. Our investigative process focuses on categorically addressing all aspects of the subject of investigation and uncovering relevant facts which support or contradict the truth or falsity of matters alleged, suspected or contested.  Our investigators are committed to actively communicating with our clients to ensure that our efforts in the field are in alignment with our clients' objectives, time constraints and budget.  

Resolving The Matter Under Investigation

The resolution of any investigation depends on many factors, such as case type, complexity of issues, client goals, witness cooperation and existing information.  Some cases can take less than a day to complete, other cases may take several months to complete, and a few cases may remain unresolved despite the most exhaustive investigation efforts.  Regardless of the extent of your investigative needs, RHR & Associates, Inc. is dedicated to working diligently in developing all available leads and keeping you updated throughout the investigative process.   

Individually Tailored Investigation

Experience dictates that clients have varying objectives and concerns with each investigation.  For that reason, we avoid compartmentalizing our investigative services.  RHR & Associates, Inc., works closely with our clients to design a customized investigative plan that focuses on uncovering information and effectively obtaining evidentiary facts which are essential to the matter in question.  We look at the issues from every angle and continually assess the integrity of our investigative efforts to ensure that our clients are well informed of all the facts.  If you have an issue that needs to be addressed by an experienced, multi-disciplined  investigation firm who can assist you in putting the facts and evidence in perspective, contact us now.