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RHR & Associates, Inc. is a multi-disciplined private investigation firm dedicated to offering high-quality, focused and cost-effective investigation and consulting solutions.  We are committed to providing our experience, professionalism, integrity and resolve in achieving our client’s particular information needs. 

What We Do

With an extensive private sector background in criminal, workplace, insurance, civil and domestic related investigations, RHR & Associates, Inc. offers focused strengths across a broad range of core practice areas.  We specialize in obtaining sensitive information and finding difficult to locate individuals through our expert interview skills and years of surveillance experience, as well as our proprietary access to the most comprehensive information sources available.  RHR & Associates, Inc. relies on the knowledge of licensed, professional investigators and in-house counsel to manage your investigation from case inception to completion. 

Why Choose RHR & Associates, Inc.

RHR & Associates, Inc. tailors the application of all legally available investigative resources to achieve your information needs.  We work closely with our clients and consistently uncover the critical facts necessary to make informed business and personal decisions, or provide evidentiary support to any given legal position, even when it appears that the odds are against us.  Whether you are an individual, an attorney, or a business client, RHR & Associates, Inc. is committed to offering customized investigative solutions designed to meet your goals, timeline and budget.  If this type of multi-disciplined  investigative resolve is what your case requires, please do not hesitate to contact us now!

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