Surveillance Investigations

 RHR & Associates, Inc. has acquired one of the most experienced surveillance teams available in the private sector.  We are experts in dealing with the threats of fraud, theft, substance abuse and infidelity.  In addition, we can apply our specialized surveillance techniques to a variety of case specific information gathering solutions.  

Proven Field Experience

Our skilled professionals understand the complexities involved in obtaining factual evidence in the fluid environments associated with field investigations. Using the most advanced technology to compliment proven field experience, our investigators consistently gather solid information to support our clients in a variety of personal, business and legal issues.  

. . . Worth 1000 Words

We incorporate photographic evidence in all of our thorough and comprehensive investigation reports.  Photographic status updates are available to our clients immediately and reporting is prepared within hours of completing each daily assignment.  RHR & Associates, Inc.'s investigative techniques are carefully designed and implemented to lawfully gather the critical information you need, when you need it, even in the most sensitive situations. 

Our Surveillance Services

  • Physical Surveillance (People, Locations, Assets)            
  • Site Inspections and Analysis                 
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) Tracking           
  • Integrity Checks                              
  • Covert Subject Identification Photography                        
  • Custom Field Applications 

 At RHR & Associates, Inc., we understand that there is no substitute for ongoing field experience in this specialized investigative discipline.  Here, you will work directly with the professionally licensed investigators who are assigned to work on your case.  If your case requires an investigator with the proven field experience to effectively leverage surveillance techniques and achieve your information needs, contact us now.