Investigative Interviews & Statements

 At RHR & Associates, Inc., we recognize the urgency of contacting witnesses, conducting interviews and documenting statements in a timely and thorough manner.  We are experts at conducting interviews in a variety of situations.  Not only do our investigators have the wherewithal to take comprehensive statements and conduct complete interviews, we have the discipline to prepare prompt and thorough investigative reports. 

Witness Canvassing

Some situations require that our investigators solicit information from a number of potential witnesses who may not have been contacted  or identified during a previous investigation.  Other times, witnesses may need to be developed in an effort to ascertain the veracity of a subject of investigation.  Witness canvassing offers an effective means to quickly locate and identify potential sources of information, typically within a defined area. 

Field Interviews

Our expert investigators take a detail oriented approach to interviewing witnesses in the field.  Once a critical witness is located or identified, we proactively incorporate cognitive interview techniques to leverage a witnesses ability to recall information, which allows us to maximize our ability to ascertain the facts.  Relatively informal in nature, field interviews provide an effective means of documenting witness observations while probing for additional leads. 

Recorded Statements

At RHR & Associates, Inc., our investigators are trained and certified in forensic interview techniques, which are well suited for the structured nature of various recorded statement applications.  Formal in nature, recorded statements often produce the most accurate and reliable information by documenting all available communication, such as the witness's statements and the investigator's questions.  This method ensures that the content of the information provided by the witness is accurately documented as it relates to the context of the interview. 

Investigative Interview Statement Specialists

RHR & Associates, Inc., understands that witness statements are often the most critical element of any case, and the assignment of an investigative interview statement specialist is equally important.  Whether your case requires witness canvassing, cold call field interviews, or structured recorded statements, our investigators are prepared to leverage the most appropriate investigative techniques to suit the needs of each case.  Experts at seamlessly adapting as the investigation develops in the field, we often incorporate various combinations of these techniques to ensure that witness statements do not become compromised by unnecessarily repetitive investigative efforts.  When your case requires interviews and statements to be conducted by a specialist, contact us for an investigator with the skill and experience to ascertain the facts.