RHR & Associates, Inc. encourages collaborative investigation procedures to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality service and the most comprehensive investigation results.   In addition, our lead investigators hold nationally recognized specialty certifications in their core practices areas and regularly participate in continuing education.  We handle all cases in-house, unless arranged in advance or otherwise dictated by your investigative strategy.  Any investigator we assign to manage your case is professionally licensed and insured to comply with all applicable laws and licensing authorities.    

Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

RHR & Associates, Inc. reciprocally contracts with attorneys and professionally licensed investigative specialists throughout the United States.  We also maintain a variety of investigative contacts abroad.  Whether your case requires a particular legal expert, foreign language interpreter, polygraph examiner, computer forensics examiner or an investigative specialty contact in another geographic area, we strive to provide our clients with the most discreet, cost effective, expedient and successful investigation results possible.  We can manage your investigation anywhere the case leads us through our extensive pool of resources.     

Your Investigation Comes First

RHR & Associates, Inc. are experienced, professionally licensed field investigators; we take pride in the work we do and we value the challenges and opportunities of our chosen profession.  We are not an investigative brokerage or a training academy.  We will not accept an assignment only to delegate the fieldwork to an inexpensive sub-contracted investigator or an inexperienced trainee.  In the event that you request any part of your investigation to be outsourced, your case will receive the same high level of confidentiality and quality results our professional reputation depends on.  Upon request, we are happy to provide licensing, insurance, references and areas of experience for any investigator or service provider working on your case.  Whether we conduct the entire investigation in-house, or your case requires that any portion is outsourced, rest assured that our primary focus will always be on maximizing the results of your case in the most timely and cost effective manner available.   

If you require an experienced, professionally licensed, full service investigator to work with you on your case, please do not hesitate to contact us now.