Service of process

RHR & Associates, Inc. is not only licensed to provide investigative services, we are also registered to serve process throughout the state of California.  Licensing coupled with registration allow us to produce a variety of added benefits to our client's service of process needs.  Our team of investigators and registered process servers are experienced in handling all of your service needs, from initial and post-judgment filings to skip traces and stake outs on evasive subjects.  With investigative and registered process server contacts throughout the United States, RHR & Associates, Inc. can expedite your service of process needs quickly and cost effectively.     

Our investigators provide value added services to our clients through our knowledge and familiarity with the court system and public agencies.  We can provide collateral field resources by serving process and filing your documents with the court, or by retrieving documents identified through discovery or located during background research.  We are available to streamline service of process, court filing and document  retrieval needs and to ease the administrative  burden on our clients.  For assistance with your service of process and litigation support needs, contact us now.